What is PTP Launch?

Prepping teens for the next stage of life

PTP Teen Launch is a year of character-building and specialized training for teens by education, events, and experiences. Many students are interested in taking a “gap year” between high school and college. From a Christian perspective, this is an opportunity to prepare them for spiritual success.
PTP Teen Launch will run from PTP to PTP. Graduation will be Saturday at PTP each year. It is designed as the last year before a teen leaves home (a year between high school and college) or a Homeschooler’s senior year, but it can even be used as homeschool Bible curriculum and completed over multiple years.
To prepare teens for outstanding service in the kingdom. PTP Teen Launch is an opportunity for students to fortify their faith, deepen their relationship with God, enjoy life and friends, and feast upon the Bible.
Utilizing 20+ years of PTP materials, with emphasis on PTP legends, Teen Launch is an opportunity to extend the practical reach of PTP in God’s kingdom. PTP’s overreaching philosophy is always on sound doctrine, practicality, and excellence.

Redeeming the time…


Choose at least one leadership development experience per semester, such as:

  • Teach a children’s Bible class
  • Take a Fishers of Men training course (or similar)
  • Start a youth website
  • Plan a youth event
  • Preach a gospel meeting
  • Go on a mission trip


Attend at least three of these annual events:

  • PTP (Sevierville, Tennessee). Take notes in classes.
  • Foundations (Memphis, Tennessee) or equivalent.
  • Branded Summer Camp (Lineville, Alabama) or equivalent.
  • Upward Youth Weekend (Jacksonville, Alabama)
  • PTP “Spark” (Jacksonville, Alabama—Spring 2017) or other locations (2018-2025)

Optional trip (if parents wish to go on family trip or organize a group trip):

  • Restoration tour of sites associated with early leaders in churches of Christ
  • Creation Museum
  • Washington DC (religious emphasis)
  • Williamsburg, Virginia (or other major historical site)


Spend eight hours a day in study and preparation.

PTP Launch offers two tracks: general and preparation to preach.

Both programs use Luke 2:52 to form the four areas of emphasis:

  1. Wisdom (academic/vocational training)
  2. Stature (physical exertion)
  3. Favor with God (daily devotion)
  4. Favor with man (social interaction)

And He grew in…


Goal: To deepen one’s understanding of God’s Word with emphasis on learning how to live by it in college and the adult world.

  • Advanced Bible study (how to study for yourself; resources)
  • Self-discipline
  • Personal/Family finances
  • Industry
  • Humility
  • Sound doctrine (what to watch for in Christian education)
  • Dating ethics
  • Marriage/Family
  • Pornography
  • Advanced Bible study (how to study for yourself; resources)
  • Self-discipline
  • Personal/Family finances
  • Industry
  • Humility
  • Sound doctrine (what to watch for in Christian education)
  • Dating ethics
  • Marriage/Family
  • Pornography
  • Preparation of sermons
  • Delivery of sermons
  • Methods of evangelism
  • Visitation
  • Mission work
  • Watch 1 PTP Legend video per day.
  • Listen to 2 PTP audios per day.
  • Memorize 1 verse per day.
  • Read 4 chapters of Bible a day (complete Bible in one year).
  • Read 50 pages a day.
  • 1+ college online class(es) (or dual enrollment) each semester.
  • 25 pages each day of secular reading in subjects that interest you, pertain to your chosen field, or that stretch your thinking/understanding.
  • Watch 1 PTP Legend video per day and take notes.
  • Listen to 3 audios a day and take notes.
  • Memorize 2 verses per day.
  • Read 9 Bible chapters a day and list 10 discoveries (completes Old Testament once and New Testament 12 times).
  • Read 75 pages a day.
  • Attend GSOP (or equivalent) each week when in session (3 hours)
  • Spend one afternoon a week with mentor(s) (preacher, missionary, elder, deacon) asking questions, getting advice, visiting, going on Bible studies.
  • Spend 2 hours visiting a week with 2+ people. Record any lessons learned, stories that could be used for sermon illustrations.
  • Conduct a Bible study with non-Christian (each semester)
  • Sermons
    • First Semester: Prepare 1 sermon or devotional a week; present 1 sermon a month.
    • Second Semester: Prepare and present 1 sermon and 1 devotional a week.
  • Hire professional speech coach to critique (optional)


Goal: Stay (get) in good physical shape to serve God well

  • 60 minutes a day in physical exertion (walking, running, weight training, basketball, etc)
  • 30 minutes a day in work (chores, helping others, working a job)
  • 8 hours a day sleep soundly

Favor with God

To deepen one’s personal relationship with God so that faith is real, reliable, and habitual.

  • Bible reading: 30 minutes (4 chapters a day completes Bible in one year)
  • Bible study: 20 minutes (look at parallel verses, word meanings, commentaries)
  • Prayer: 20 minutes (plus meal prayers)
  • Devotional:   15 minutes (no phone, music, TV)
  • Males: Lead in worship each Sunday (prayer, singing, Lord’s Supper, preach)
  • Females: Service-oriented projects or teaching children’s Bible classes
  • Fast: 24 hours once a semester (optional)

Favor with Man

Goal: Refine the practice of selflessness, graceful speech, humor, and kindness.

Daily regimen: 60 minutes a day in intentional conversation/interaction with friends and family. Can include visiting widows or church activities. Can include Skype with friends/missionaries.

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